Bullet Trailers are now an Authorised Distributor for TPH Tyre Pressure Hubs

Bullet Trailers is pleased to announce a new partnership with TPH Tyre Pressure Hubs.

These Hubs have been specifically designed to manage and monitor truck and trailer tyres easily and save you money in the process. Once fitted, drivers can check tyre pressures at a glance by reading the accurate pressure readings, and with the Inflation Kit pump up to 6 tyres at a time to uniform pressures.

The Hub itself is made of a high quality Chrome steel, and equipped with German made gauges for accurate readings.

Check out these testimonials below.

TPH Hubs are optional on all Bullet Trailers and are also available for your own prime movers and trailers. Give us a call for on-site demonstrations and price.

Out of all the products I’ve seen on the market, I can ultimately say that the tyre pressure hub has been the most genuinely effective.”

Sam Inverno – Inverno Bros Transport

“One of my Prime Movers fitted with TPH Hubs has achieved over 300’000 kilometers where we were only getting 190’000 previously”

Peter Dinicol- CTR Transport

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