TPH Tyre Pressure Hubs

The TPH Hub has specifically been designed to manage and monitor truck and trailer tyres.

TPH Hubs

The Hub

The TPH Hub can be fitted to any 8 & 10 stud wheel on a truck or trailer. It consists of a hub designed with two internally fitted air gauges for accurate tyre pressure readings of the inner and outer wheels at a glance. Connecting air lines to the two points (valves) on the TPH Hub make inflating the wheels as easy as pumping up car tyres.

The TPH Tyre Pressure Hub is easy to fit, easy to use and easy to remove, taking a mere 10 minutes to fit each hub. TPH Hubs also offer increased safety.

The Hub itself is made of a high quality Chromed Steel and is a completely sealed unit, internally equipped with Copper Pipes and German made gauges for accurate readings.

Custom Hubs

TPH Hubs

Got a specific colour scheme for your trucks? Or want to impress the OHS inspector with safety. We can also design and custom make your hubs to suit your trucks.

 The Inflation Kit

Why pump up one tyre at a time? When you can pump six! The TPH Inflation Kit makes maintaining tyre pressures even more convenient and simple. Available as 2 point, 4 point and 6 point inflation, up to 6 tyres can be pumped and equalized in a matter of minutes.

Purchased separately from the Hubs, the Inflation Kit comes with all hoses, connections, tools and an operating guide.